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A personal note from owner Brian Zimel – Your Helping Hand in Real Estate.

Tick. Tock.
    Tick. Tock.
Buying and selling real-estate is a process unlike any other. Think of it as an old timepiece whose surface may appear simple and elegant, but whose insides are complex and unpolished. It is a process built upon a network of intricate, formulaic, and intertwined parts that are all vital to making the clock move. With even the smallest of pieces out of place, the whole clock can stop.
Welcome to the world of real-estate.
Pre-approvals, appraisals, mortgage rates, inspections, amortization schedules, and more await those intrepid enough to buy, sell, insure, finance, and list real-estate.
In over a decade of working with homebuyers and realtors to finance homes with my company, Streamline Mortgage Solutions, I’ve been blessed to be able to witness dreams come true. However, with every happy ending I’ve witnessed, I’ve also witnessed hundreds of deals meet their end.
Too many times, I have had to watch homebuyers, sellers, and realtors pull the short end of the stick. I’ve seen homebuyers on the brink of financial collapse, and realtors whose long-nurtured deals have gone awry. The problems that cause these issues are simple and are completely avoidable. It all comes down to shortcuts and miscommunication.
Real-estate as a transaction.
You need to remember that with every purchase or sale, there is a multi-layered transaction being conducted amongst the realtors, appraisers, inspectors, mortgage brokers, and clients who are selling and buying the home. The success of the process lies in the hands of the selected parties’ ability to communicate effectively and in their ability to conduct due diligence when filing the proper paperwork. Each party needs to ensure that their part is complete, without any shortcuts being taken.
As a potential buyer, seller, or realtor, you need to know the tools of the trade and understand the process itself to make the right decisions and secure the right deal.
My personal philosophy, and our philosophy at Streamline Mortgage Solutions, is built around a promise of open and transparent communication. We think of it as a simplification of the process for both the realtor and the future homebuyer; a place where confusion isn’t a variable and where both the realtor and the client are treated with concierge service. 
Your source for all things real-estate.
We are developing this blog to be an active forum for the real-estate industry. Join us as we cover topics relevant to homebuyers, sellers, realtors, listing agents, and industry insiders. Like a master clockmaker, we will remove the simplified cover and explain the many working pieces of the real-estate transaction so that you can make the right decisions. Our goal is simple, to save you time. Feel free to comment, share, and participate in the discussion as we make this ultimate guide to real-estate.
We hope you’ll join us,
-Brian Zimel (Your helping hand in real-estate)

About the Author:
After a decade in the business world, Brian (Zimel) started Streamline Mortgage Solutions in 2005 to offer customized services that allow clients access to the industry’s best pricing. With over ten years of experience, he has built his local Orlando business into Orlando’s premier mortgage solution with $150 MILLION in mortgage loan volume, and an extraordinary level of service.